a pairing of SwanS



1. Did you enjoy your experience with the a pairing of SwanS film?

Yes No No Opinion


2. Did you enjoy your experience with the a pairing of SwanS DVD-ROM elements including the audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes featurettes as well as artist bios?

Yes No No Opinion


3. Did the experience of watching a pairing of SwanS make you interested in attending a live ballet performance?

Yes No Maybe No Opinion


4. Do you see materials such as the a pairing of SwanS DVD-ROM as a viable alternative to those without access to live performance experiences?

Yes No Maybe No Opinion


5. What, in your opinion, is the main advantage to watching a cultural performance on DVD-ROM as opposed to a live performance?

Ability to rewatch
Ability to pause/rewind/study
Video special features
Bios and other contextual information
No advantages


6. Would you see materials such as the a pairing of SwanS DVD-ROM as a valuable educational resource?

Yes No Maybe No Opinion


7. Did the DVD-ROM special features provide a useful complement to the enjoyment of the film itself?

Yes No No Opinion


8. Would you like to see more arts programming complemented by interactive features, as has been done on this DVD-ROM?

Yes No No Opinion


9. Approximately how much time did you spend in viewing and accessing the DVD-ROM materials?

0-30 mins 31-60 mins 61-90 mins Over 1.5 hours


10. Would you re-watch the features on this DVD-ROM and/or share them with friends?

Yes No Maybe No Opinion


11. What feature or element of the DVD-ROM materials did you find most useful or interesting?

Audio Commentaries
From Stage to Screen
The Big Picture
Educational Tidbits
Stage View
Links & Resources


12. What other features might you like to see on future cultural/performance DVD-ROMs of this nature?


13. Would you recommend this resource to others?

Yes No Maybe No Opinion


14. How did you learn about or come to view a pairing of SwanS?

Purchased Online
Puchased in Store
Educational Institution
Cultural Center


15. If you wish, please enter any other specific comments you have about your experience with the a pairing of SwanS film and DVD-ROM features:


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I am:

An arts enthusiast
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An educator
A dance professional

I live in:

Eastern Canada
The Prairies
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I attend live cultural performances such as dance, opera, the symphony or theatre:

More than once a month
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On occasion

My annual household income is:

Less than $25,000
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$51,000 – $75,000
$76,000 – $100,000
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