a pairing of SwanS


a pairing of SwanS

The film: a pairing of SwanS is a poetic homage to the two consummate Canadian artists of the international ballet scene, Evelyn Hart and Rex Harrington. At the summit of their careers, they are joined by the riveting Brent Carver, and celebrated cellists, Shauna Rolston and Amanda Forsyth. Harpist Judy Loman plays in the two exquisite music compositions; The Dying Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns, and The Swan Sees His Reflection by Canadian composer, Malcolm Forsyth. The mirror-image solos reflect the classical and contemporary -- in concept, camera-styles, dancing and choreography.

The DVD-ROM: The educational DVD-ROM offers a wealth of resources to all- whether aficionados or students. Listen to the candid commentaries, and witness the process and drama behind the scenes, as stellar dancers, musicians, choreographer and camera-team, transform the works for the screen.





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